Wine Making Directions
1) No racking at all and no Campden tablets, then bottle wine just before Christmas and consume within the year.
or 2) Use 1/2 the recommended Campden tablets...etc.
Ask questions and experiment to find "your" preferred method.
Many of the AVS wine-makers used the method below with or without slight variations and had great success.
Hope your wine is excellent!

Lil' Ole Wine-Maker Shoppe
5839 Charlotte Pike
Nashville, TN  37209
Phone: (615) 352-6301
ask for Don

All Seasons
3900 Hillsboro Pike  #16
(nextdoor to Hillsboro HS
Nashville, TN
Phone: (615) 385-0300

optional items:
bottle brush, cheese cloth, racking cane, carboy brush
potassium metabisulphite
or you can also use fragrance free oxyclean as a cleanser

ask sales person for more toys as you get more involve